It is extremely important to offer a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to your product or service that clearly distinguishes your company from your competitors. The hallmark of several great companies is the customer experience offered by their brand. In today’s world of massive marketing output, every industry is struggling to get their message heard. Companies are going after the same target market and are trying to stand out in the crowd. Some are desperate for attention. It’s every brand for itself.

Make your CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE the focal point of your USP.

Consumers do not merely purchase products or items, they are buying your image, your reputation, and the experience they get when selecting your product or service.

When advertising your product or service, emphasize how your business is different and or better than others out there. Start this by creating an effective branding strategy which includes a comprehensive digital marketing plan designed on personal connections.

Connecting with people emotionally stimulates consumers into action.


  • GATHER RESULTS: Allow all participants in this exercise to read one another’s responses. Those which seem in alignment – should be submitted for purposes of prioritizing your branding goals.
  • NARROW DOWN FOR BETTER CLARIFICATION: This is typically the eye-opening segment of the discovery process. In most cases, we find that most business owners and employees share sentiments regarding what they would like their company to represent. However, many disagree with the actual message. While some think that ‘trendsetting’ best defines their brand, others might believe that “hip’ and ‘up-to-date’ are more accurate.  Match like responses.


Remember the only bad idea is the one not shared. Narrow your brand ‘definition’ down to 4-5 adjectives that align well. Spend a week reflecting on the adjectives individually. Pay attention to ways in which events and experiences in your own life align with the 4-5 adjectives. Think of moments throughout the week that you were moved to act.

Think of moments throughout the week that you were moved to act.

THAT pivotal moment you’ve been seeking to incorporate into your USP for your business/brand. Let’s pretend one of the adjectives you brainstormed is “cozy”. You just spent an entire brisk Fall day picking apples with your family.

  • Your hands are a little numb from the cold.
  • Your feet are tired and achy.
  • You are longing for a nice bowl of beef stew with some warm bread – while wrapped in a soft blanket.
  • You realize the only thing missing is a steaming cup of pre-dinner cider.

You are moved to get that cold bottle of cider out of the refrigerator. The one you just purchased today while apple picking. Now you are searching the cabinets for that heating pot. The pot which is perfectly designed for the task at hand! Then it hits you. The Cast Iron Sonoma set valued at $995 that your company sells . . . has it’s own story.

What price would you pay for cozy?

When you regroup. Share your observations. Pay attention to see if others in your group have had similar experiences and reactions. You should see a pattern. That pattern should serve as the foundation for defining your corporate brand. After all – it was developed by the number one asset of any company . . . YOU!